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Understand The Basic Before Attending Any Internet Marketing Training Program…


Allen Tan Internet Marketing CoachHello Friends,

Before you attend any training on Internet Marketing Course, you will probably consider many factors, but most important Is what you really want to get out from the training program.

There are many courses out there, some Training Courses costs range more than $2000 for a 3 Days training, and the course just covers the Basic training to start up an online business. However, whether it’s a 2 or 3 full days,  you need to know what you are paying for ultimately and what you will gain out from these 2-3 days.  It’s impossible to learn all within these few days and master what is required to power up your internet business from a completely new beginners perspective.  You need to practice, hands-on and put it into actions.

Our Internet Marketing training Program for Beginners:

I consider that most people reading this page are New to Internet Marketing and wanted to Master the skill.  First let’s go in detail the Training Program so You Can understand What You are Paying For.

There are 2 types of Internet Marketing Program – The Basic and Advanced Internet Marketing Training.  The Basic Training will covers 2 aspect:

1. Internet Marketing –  How to use online media to Promote your  products and services on the internet

2. Web design  How to register a domain, build a website, and host it on a server.

You may think if you master these 2, you already learnt the skill, but that’s Not all.  There is an Advanced Course out there which will covers in details on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or Search Engine Marketing.  So Why do we split into Basic and Advanced.  The main reason is to ensure the fundamental skill is master right, before the Marketer able to know how to advance to the higher level, Just like an academic – a Degree and a Master Degree.  Without understanding of the Basic, It’s impossible to Learn the Advanced.

Online Marketing TrainingWhat You Can expect in Basic IM Training:
The Most complex part in Basic Training is the Web Design, this is the part which take the most among of time.  It include Step by Step procedural to follow.  Basic skill are all about Steps and Process. Most people taught that they could just hire a web designer to build a website and do not need to go through this steps.  However, they are Not wrong, But this Training will enable you to know how to manage and update a website.  The web Designer’s Job is to get the web Design Done, and the rest of the Job will be hand over to the Owner/Webmaster of the Website. Period!  He/she is not going to manage the site for you unless you pay for maintenance cost.

What Advanced SEO Training is about:
The advanced training is more into Techniques of SEO. How to rank your website on page one of search engine (SERP). There is no standard way of advanced SEO or Search Engine Marketing, its all about Keywords and the target market.  However, there are many details and rules to follow. Failing to follow this rules will eventually get your website slapped from the big ‘G’.

Here is Our Course layout for Integrated Internet Marketing Course (Module 1 and Module 2).  

  • Basic Module :  For Beginners, and this is the basic essential Training.  It cover all aspect from Keyword research, Domain, Web hosting and Building a website, online Marketing and Social Media marketing. More course details in the registration page.
  • Advance Module :  Covers all aspect of Search Engine Marketing and Optimisation. Understand Search Engine Updates, Tips, Common Mistakes and Rules. Back linking Strategies and techniques.  More course details in registration page.

The above courses will be covered in 2.5 full Days, it is an integrated training course which are comprehensive and straight to the points. After each lesson, there will be assignment so as to ensure the participants Learn and get prepared for next 30 days coaching.  Take time to learn is the key to successfully passed the lesson.

So How much will be the Course fee?   I am Not Charging a high Cost, not even close to the cost mentioned above. But a Course Fee which is reasonable and affordable considering what I am going to offer, You will get the most value for money.  Check out more details here….

What’s more:   I will be offering One-on-One Coaching to all participant.  This coaching is all about custom design what you have learnt and put it into Your Own Business or Target Market.  Be it your are a professional individual in real Estate, financial or automobile…or an aspiring entrepreneur, I will provide coaching to accelerate your learning and put it into an actionable steps tailor to Your Own Business…  This cost 4-figures if you hire an external IM Coach, but this is included in the overall Training Cost…. What a Value for You?


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Allen Tan


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