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Top 10 Steps to Launch An Internet Business

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Top 10 Important Steps to Launch An Effective Internet Business. 

internet business launchMany of you have taken internet marketing course or purchased an ebook on how to build and market your internet business. The key here is that once you know the techniques and acquired the skills, it’s important that you take a moment to plan before your start launching any internet business especially if you are a newbie in this business. 

Here are the basic steps which I have build to help you get started…


10 STEPS to Launch an Effective Internet Business:

  • 1. Target only 1 Business at a Time, You may have more than 1 Internet Business Ideas to Begin. Focus 1 at a time.   FOCUS IS MORE…..
  • 2. Decide Your Target Market and Business Model:
    a.  Sell Individual or more Products
    b.  Sell Services
    c.  Generate Leads and Affiliate Product Sales
    d.  Offer Useful Information 
  • 3. Research on your market and Keywords & ensure its highly searched and Profitable -Select 3-5 keywords for a Start.
  • 4. Write a Business Plan – Keep it short and simple:
    a.  Develop an objective or short/long term goal.
    b.  Your Products/Services offering and additional value to offer to visitors
    c.  Competitors analysis – good to know what your competitor is offering.
    d.  Monthly marketing Budget/expense – eg. $50 per week

    e.  Joint Venture partners (JV) (if any)
    f.  # of subscribers to acquire – eg. 300 per months or more.
    g.   # of sales to make per week or day – e.g 1-2 per day
    h.  Estimated revenue per month
  • 5. Register a Good Domain Name with Web Hosting
  • 6. Create Your Landing Page Contents + Build Your Website – Pick a Nice Professional Theme. Your landing page should includes:
    a.  Write a Powerful & Attractive Headlines
    b.  Includes a short descriptions
    c.  A bullet point Benefits
    d.  Provide proof or testimonial
    e.  Includes Free download or Bonuses
    f.   Add professional images or videos 
    g.  A sign up form for subscriber
    h.  A Powerful CALL to Actions
    i.  Your signature & photo
    j.  A Powerful P.S. / P.P.S 
  • 7. Test your Website –  Get feedback from friends, test your landing page by pre-launching into social media 
  • 8. Enhance your site further – Add New Pages Contents,  Images,  Videos or articles. 
  • 9. Launch Your site.– submit to Sitemap/RSS/Social bookmark / Facebook/Twitter…..
  • 10.  Scale up your marketing with PPC or other campaign to increase market reach.

If you follow these step well,  you could have your interest business Ready to LAUNCH…in less than a Week.


To Your Success!

Allen Tan


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