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Top 10 Steps to Launch An Internet Business

internet business launch

Top 10 Important Steps to Launch An Effective Internet Business. 

internet business launchMany of you have taken internet marketing course or purchased an ebook on how to build and market your internet business. The key here is that once you know the techniques and acquired the skills, it’s important that you take a moment to plan before your start launching any internet business especially if you are a newbie in this business. 

Here are the basic steps which I have build to help you get started…


10 STEPS to Launch an Effective Internet Business:

  • 1. Target only 1 Business at a Time, You may have more than 1 Internet Business Ideas to Begin. Focus 1 at a time.   FOCUS IS MORE…..
  • 2. Decide Your Target Market and Business Model:
    a.  Sell Individual or more Products
    b.  Sell Services
    c.  Generate Leads and Affiliate Product Sales
    d.  Offer Useful Information 
  • 3. Research on your market and Keywords & ensure its highly searched and Profitable -Select 3-5 keywords for a Start.
  • 4. Write a Business Plan – Keep it short and simple:
    a.  Develop an objective or short/long term goal.
    b.  Your Products/Services offering and additional value to offer to visitors
    c.  Competitors analysis – good to know what your competitor is offering.
    d.  Monthly marketing Budget/expense – eg. $50 per week

    e.  Joint Venture partners (JV) (if any)
    f.  # of subscribers to acquire – eg. 300 per months or more.
    g.   # of sales to make per week or day – e.g 1-2 per day
    h.  Estimated revenue per month
  • 5. Register a Good Domain Name with Web Hosting
  • 6. Create Your Landing Page Contents + Build Your Website – Pick a Nice Professional Theme. Your landing page should includes:
    a.  Write a Powerful & Attractive Headlines
    b.  Includes a short descriptions
    c.  A bullet point Benefits
    d.  Provide proof or testimonial
    e.  Includes Free download or Bonuses
    f.   Add professional images or videos 
    g.  A sign up form for subscriber
    h.  A Powerful CALL to Actions
    i.  Your signature & photo
    j.  A Powerful P.S. / P.P.S 
  • 7. Test your Website –  Get feedback from friends, test your landing page by pre-launching into social media 
  • 8. Enhance your site further – Add New Pages Contents,  Images,  Videos or articles. 
  • 9. Launch Your site.– submit to Sitemap/RSS/Social bookmark / Facebook/Twitter…..
  • 10.  Scale up your marketing with PPC or other campaign to increase market reach.

If you follow these step well,  you could have your interest business Ready to LAUNCH…in less than a Week.


To Your Success!

Allen Tan


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Top 15 Web Business Entrepreneur Ideas

Top 15 Web Business Entrepreneur Ideas

entrepreneur ideasThe Internet has provided us with enough entrepreneur ideas that can enable us to earn a healthy living even from the confines of our homes. Modern technology has brought in a lot of new internet business models have come up that can make proper usage of your talents and also help you earn a decent living from them. We identify 15 of the best entrepreneur ideas that one can use these days.

Top 15 Internet Entrepreneur Ideas

Affiliate Marketing: This is a one of the useful internet business models, where you promote the services and products of companies on their web pages. This is one of the best entrepreneur ideas for persons having skills in web-based marketing and sales copywriting.

Blogging: If you have good writing skills and a healthy presence in the social networking platforms, one of the best entrepreneur ideas for you is to start blogging. There are various internet business models that can assist you in this quest as well.

E-commerce: This has an advanced technology driven platform of modern times with most buying and selling happening on the internet these days. These prove best entrepreneur ideas who with technological expertise have natural flair for selling.

Auction Selling: This can be regarded as one of the top internet business models of our times where one gets to buy used goods and can then benefit from reselling them to make profits.

Internet Research: This is one of the best entrepreneur ideas for people having a knack of academic fact finding. Use your skills for helping clients get the desired information and get paid handsomely for the same.

Arts and Crafts: If you specialize in some particular skill work, you can use the internet as a tool to design and sell your creations using the online forum.

Recruiting: Proves useful internet business models for people who can assess manpower. Use this tool to conduct recruiting process of companies and get paid fees when the candidates get inducted.

Freelancing: This is one of the most favored entrepreneur ideas of today, where varied skills can be used. Market your services wherever there is requirement of the same.

Virtual Assistant: Companies look for freelancers to assist them in their business support and administrative functions and is in demand these days.

Consultant: Using specialized talents for providing consultation work to individuals, small firms and even large companies; this is one of the entrepreneur ideas that are rapidly climbing the popularity charts.

Tutoring: One of the growing internet business models is offering coaching classes on your specialized subject using the internet.

Podcasting: The internet is popular as a medium for providing entertainment these days, use your skills to broadcast your own online show and earn revenue from advertisements.

Email Marketing: One of the popular entrepreneur ideas where products are promoted by pushing the advertisements into e-mail addresses of prospective customers.

Online Product Development: Combining good writing skills with market knowledge helps one succeed in this model by designing and selling products or concepts.

Membership Sites: The internet being a trusted knowledge forum, designing of proper training programs based on market requirements helps your entrepreneur ideas succeed.

There are ample internet business models these days, all one needs is identify right models that suits your skill sets and you can go for the same to ensure success of your entrepreneur ideas.

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Top Entrepreneur Ideas for Business Entrepreneur

Top Entrepreneur Ideas for Business Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur ideasEntrepreneur ideas are now available on a random basis with some innovative methods of business being quite lucrative propositions in the recent times. What could be a better way to start your business other than being an entrepreneur yourself from the very first day. That gives you the liberty to work on your scheduled time, ample opportunity to plan your growth and improvement, and also ensure that you earn well.

Here are some interesting entrepreneur ideas that can be really helpful for Young Entrepreneur if you are planning to start up some business. If you didn’t have a clue to begin with, you will find some really resourceful stuff in here.

Idea#1: Social Media Consultation

We all know how the social media and networking system has grown over the past few years. Needless to say that it is one of the few business areas you can bank on. If you are young and dynamic, you stand very high chances of making it big on the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. It can be a great business. Social network also needs consulting help that would be dedicated to their clients and would help them in maximizing their profits. There are many online resources available to plan this business and go ahead.

Idea#2: Offering Senior Errand Services

Seniors need help with their errands and even their day to day living. How about a service that ensures all the senior errands and gives them more free and comfortable time for themselves. This has been one of the most popular services of late. Starting from the grocery shopping to cleaning and drying, your business can take the charge of their activities to help them out. There are plenty of household stuffs that the seniors have to do, and if you can help them, it would be brilliant and well executed entrepreneur ideas.

Idea#3: Garage Cleaning and Organizing Services

You might have come across garages that look awful and messy. Such as garage and its owner could be your prospective client. Garage cleaning services are very much in demand and this is one of the most neglected services today. If you can offer well organized garage cleaning services you can actually reach great heights and become an excellent entrepreneur in the years to come. With very limited cost to startup, you can have your resources planned and execute your process accordingly. One of the greatest entrepreneur ideas.

Idea#4: Yard Cleaning Services

Cleaning services are always in demand and companies that offer these services are always needed. Yard cleaning can be one of the best ways to startup your entrepreneurship. Trimming the hedges, killing those weeds and fresh plantations are some of the services that can be added without any expenditure for additional equipments.

Idea#5: Web Designing – top entrepreneur ideas

The World Wide Web has a lot to offer and the web designing services are growing in popularity with each passing day. This could be one of the ideas that you might want to venture. However, it takes some training and competence to start off a good web designing business because there are many fishes in the pond already. Competition is tough and to make it big, you ought to be really good with new entrepreneur ideas.

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