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From : Allen Tan (CEO & Founder of eEntrepreneurs Club)

Welcome to eEntrepreneursClub, I’m Allen, the Founder of this club.  My vision is to provide a platform for young & future entrepreneur, SME to create & build Online Business, Entrepreneurship and Personal Success.

I have passion for web and social media marketing, and I have been focusing on Web business solution and marketing for over 5 years now. However, I believed that I could have gone further in creating and expand my passion beyond my expectation and invite like-minded individual & SME to join me towards driving Entrepreneurial Success.

In my eEntrepreneurs Club, I focus on 5 Key areas:  Web Business Creation, SEO & Web Business Marketing and Management,  Elite Membership Program , Online Business Management and Internet Marketing Training & Internet Business Consultation. 

I believed that these program and ideas could bring like-minded and young entrepreneurs together to engage with my club to achieve success together long term. In order to accelerate this, I am also open to partnership & collaboration program to bring our business to the next level of success.

As a partners or members of my club, I will be providing online marketing tips, news, products and Tools to help my team to grow and accelerate their pace in their entrepreneurial journey.

Lastly, I would also welcome my friends from social media or potential investors or entrepreneur to share thoughts and ideas to help each others to learn and grow.

Do send me a note should you have any enquiry about my Club as well as add me on Social Media Network..




To Your Success!

Allen Tan (Internet Marketing Coach / CEO & Founder)

Email: allentan@eentrepreneursclub.com




Skype: bestallentan



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